CRM consulting

Making a decison on the best platform and strategies to manage your sales contacts is an important decison which will effect your revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction. Let us help you decide on what product may best serve your needs and your companies customer management needs.

IoT Consulting

The IoT market is exploding with a variety of platform and sensor options. Let us help you make the best decison for your project based on performance, cost and reliability. There are a variety of sensor solutions including LAN, WAN, Blue Tooth, Cellular, RFID and others to monitor the product and environmental variables. Let us offer an IoT workshop or discovery sesson to help you make the best decison for your project

Medical Products Tracking

ecommerce platform consulting

We offer a variety of platform options based on your current online sales volume and projected sales volume. We analayze where you are today and what your near and long term growth goals are in additon to the type of product and degree of customization and personalization you will need to make our recommendations

We offer the ability to address specific needs with our team of consultants. Below we have highlighted some of the areas that we have expertise in.

Let us help you analyze the work flow and processes behind your ecommerce, CRM asset tracking, track and trace applications. We can analyze your needs and develop a project plan and SOW to define the ROI behind your project or the specifics of tracking your ecommerce go to market strategy and ecommerce platforms that can help you scale and offer leadnng edge features and capabilites to your on line customers. In additon we can analyze your IoT project and provide business process consulting, project management or software developement, give us a call for a no charge consultation to discuss your needs. We also provide integration into your backend Oracle, SAP or Legacy ERP system.

ecommerce, CRM, IoT/M2M Expertise